Type: Cat

Sex: F

Age: Young

Size: S

Breeds: Turkish Angora
Norwegian Forest Cat

Shelter Info:

Name: Second Chance Rescue



City: Flushing

Zip: 11354

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Meet Muggles! This beautiful 3 year old kitty is a mix between Turkish Angora and a Norwegian Forest cat. She hailed from Arizona originally, but made the move out here to NYC with her original owner about a year ago. Sadly, the owner chose a fancy new apartment over this sweet kitty, and abandoned her! Why would anyone say you can't have pets in your apartment? Or choose an apartment over this sweet face!? Luckily, some kind people stepped in and agreed to foster her. However, they couldn't keep her long term, and Muggles has been passed around between 5 different foster homes! She needs a sweet, loving, permanent home, but the current foster father can only hold onto her for another week, at most! Thankfully, he has Muggles' paperwork from her last Vet visit, so she is confirmed Spayed, and HIV/LEU negative. Please, Muggles is as soft as a chinchilla, as friendly as a dog, and as cute as a baby! She's very affectionate with strangers, she's a dainty eater, extremely playful, and loves to snuggle up for a good nights sleep. Anyone who's looking to bring some love in the homes, please, open your heart and adopt this wonderful little lady! She's everything you could ever ask for in a kitty. Call LISA at 917 974 6666 or email if you can be her forever home

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